Youth Is Served Here

Employers flock to San Bernardino County in search of
young, highly trained workers.

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…Another reason San Bernardino County attracts employers is the fact the County goes out of its way to give second chances to people who make good employees. Thomas Urioste is one of them. Gainfully employed as a technician at U.S. Rubber in Colton, Urioste has experienced the highs and lows of life and, in his own words, “came out of the fire like a good piece of steel.”

A former inmate who spent 11 years behind bars, Urioste today is a highly valued employee at U.S. Rubber, a firm that removes used truck tires from the local waste stream and recycles them into custom-colored flooring and sound-absorbing underlayment for multistory buildings. About half of the workers at U.S. Rubber are formerly incarcerated, people. The company hires them as part of U.S. Rubber’s Bounce Back program.