West Coast Business Review: U.S. Rubber CEO Jeff Baldassari

KMET 1940 AM

When a person leaves prison and isn’t given the chance to rebuild their lives, they’re left with two undesirable choices: become homeless or return to a life of crime. In an interview with the West Coast Business Review, U.S. Rubber CEO Jeff Baldassari emphasizes the positive domino effect of helping someone find employment after prison. This not only benefits ex-felons but also their families, communities, and the economy. Additionally, Baldassari shares valuable insights gained from managing his company’s second-chance employees.

Baldassari also shares details about U.S. Rubber’s sustainable fitness flooring and vegetation control matting products, which are manufactured using recycled rubber from truck tires that have been diverted from the local waste stream.

U.S. Rubber CEO Jeff Baldassari presenting the company's sustainable products
Alt: Jeff Baldassari, CEO of U.S. Rubber, speaking at the West Coast Business Review event.