Six New Companies Join Workforce and Justice Alliance

New York, Jan. 12 – Six new companies are joining the Workforce and Justice Alliance (WJA), a groundbreaking coalition of businesses dedicated to supporting criminal justice reform measures that will expand the workforce and increase equitable hiring across the country. US Rubber, Flagger Force, Corrisoft, I Have A Bean, AVAAS Career Academy, and Crewz join a growing group committed to leveraging their platforms to advance systemic change in the justice system, share best practices with their peers, and remove workforce barriers for justice-impacted individuals.

U.S. Rubber believes in second chances,” says Jeff Baldassari, CEO of sustainable fitness flooring manufacturer U.S. Rubber. He highlights their alignment with the Workforce and Justice Alliance’s mission to help individuals with criminal records escape poverty and recidivism through steady employment. They demonstrate that providing opportunities to those committed to turning their lives around benefits businesses too. Baldassari hopes their involvement inspires others to join the second-chance movement.

Logos of the six new companies joining the Workforce and Justice Alliance, a coalition dedicated to supporting criminal justice reform and equitable hiring practices.