Second‑Chance Hiring Can Transform Your Business

Industry Today

Second-chance hiring offers relief for manufacturers desperate to find good employees. Here’s why—and how—you can invest for success.By Jeff Baldassari and Leslie Morales

It’s no secret that amid today’s widespread labor shortages, businesses across the country are struggling to hire the right people. We’re well acquainted with the fierce competition employers face, particularly when hiring logistics, manufacturing and construction workers.

But at U.S. Rubber, a sustainable fitness flooring and acoustical underlayment manufacturer in Colton, Calif., we have a not-so-secret weapon in the quest for talent: second-chance hiring. Formerly incarcerated people, hired through our Bounce Back! program, make up about 50 percent of our workforce. Hiring from this pool of traditionally untapped talent has helped our business thrive. Here’s how your company could benefit from a second-chance hiring program, and how to make the most of the opportunity.

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