Rubber recycling company gives ex-felons a second chance

At U.S. Rubber Recycling in Colton, Carlos Arceo works as a second shift manager.
“This is my first job ever. I’ve never worked in my life,” Arceo said.

The company recycles old California truck tires and turns them into products such as rubber flooring for home gyms. The company says its sales grew more than 60% in nine months last year.

What You Need To Know

  • U.S. Rubber Recycling in Colton prides itself on hiring mostly ex-felons and veterans
  • The company has been doing it for decades but says it has especially helped them during the latest labor shortage
  • The company turns old California truck tires into rubber flooring for home gyms and saw major growth during the pandemic
  • It recently hired a psychiatric rehab counselor to help the ex-felons adjust to the working world and has seen less employee turnover