Local government officials recognize U.S. Rubber for its commitment to improving conditions for people and planet

U S Rubber : Recognized for Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The Colton, Calif., City Council, and San Bernardino County 5th District Supervisor Joe Baca Jr. recognized U S Rubber on February 15 for its commitment to environmental sustainability and for offering opportunities to formerly incarcerated employees dedicated to turning their lives around.

A certificate of recognition presented and signed by council members recognizes U.S. Rubber as “California’s largest user of recycled crumb rubber,” noting that in 2020, the company diverted 9,272,717 pounds of discarded tires from local landfills. The certificate also notes that in 2020, 49% of the factory workforce consisted of ex-felons “who are now living a productive, crime-free life” due to U.S. Rubber’s belief that everyone in life deserves a second chance.

Supervisor Baca presented U.S. Rubber CEO Jeff Baldassari with a certificate recognizing his “innovative work with the ‘Bounce Back’ program,” and for “leadership in providing…meaningful opportunities and second chances toward a more fair and equal society.”

The council also acknowledged Baldassari’s two Spirit of the Entrepreneur Inland Empire awards. In 2021 he won in the Manufacturing Entrepreneur and Best of the Best categories for his sustainable business leadership and for promoting second chance hiring practices throughout the Southern California business community and beyond.

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