Acoustical Underlayment


QuietSoundTM Specifications — 9 mm Thickness

Item Test   Standard Rating

Impact Insulation Class* 
8" Concrete

 IIC ASTM E492 54
Impact Insulation Class 
6" Concrete/6" Fiberglass
 IIC ASTM E492 58
Water Vapor Transmission Rate  Inverted Water
ASTM E96 4.7
Density  Per cubic foot
ASTM D3676 Section 12 45
Compression Resistance  @ 25% (cubic foot
ASTM D3575
ASTM D3576
Compression Set  @25% ASTM D395
78 degrees for 22 hr/then
release 24 hr
Coefficient of friction  Instron Universal
ASTM 1894 0.84 wet
Durometer Shore A ASTM-D-2240 45 +/- 5
Tensile Strength "Die C" ASTM 412 102+ or -5 PSI
Flammability Pill Test 
DOC-FF 1-70 Passed
Volatile Organic Compounds**(VOCs) Closed Chamber
1.0m +/- .05 m/3
ASTM D5116
ASTM D6196
SCAQMD 1168-passed


 *Test profile under 1/2” engineered wood, over 10mm QuietSound™, over 8”bare concrete. 

**As tested by Materials Analytical Services using CDPH requirements (same as GreenGuard and FloorScore) and certified as Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHP) compliant.


Product Details   Thickness  Roll Size Weight   Type A Hardness
 Quiet Sound Rolled Underlayment    5mm  25 ft  .83 lbs per sq. ft.  45-50
 9mm  25 ft  1.5 lbs per sq. ft.  45-50
 12mm  25 ft  2.0 lbs per sq. ft.  45-50






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