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Foot-Ease Horse Stall and Kennel Mats

Safe, Secure Comfort

Made from tough, durable recycled tires, U.S. Rubber’s Foot-Ease stall and kennel mats are the ideal choice for horse and dog areas. This is the same rubber composition sold to health and fitness clubs, known for its extreme ruggedness and dependability. Foot-Ease mats reduces stress and injuries to animals and presents a bacterial resistant environment when compared to dirt, stall bedding, or bare concrete.

Foot-Ease mats can be purchased in 2’ rolls, up to 50 feet long and four feet wide, or in interlocking 2’ x 2’ tiles.

  • Maximizes animal comfort
  • Reduces bedding cost
  • Textured surface provides traction
  • Totally non-absorbent
  • Reduces daily bedding manure volume
  • Insulates against cold and damp
  • Flat bottom finish (no grooves to promote bacteria growth)

Horse Stall Mats

Super Duty 4’ x 6’ x 7/8”
Heavy Duty 4’ x 6’ x 1/2”
Economy Roll 4’ x 12’ x 3/8”

Dog Kennel Surfacing

Seamless Mat 4’ x Your Desired Length

Interlocking Mat

Misc. Duty 2’ x 2’ x 3/8”


  • Horse stalls
  • Show stalls
  • Tack rooms
  • Dog kennels
  • Doggie Daycare facilities
  • Grooming areas
  • Trailer floors