CMTC highlights U.S. Rubber’s triple-bottom-line business model, which serves people, planet, & prosperity

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)

U.S. Rubber Recycling is a true triple-bottom-line business (People, Planet, & Prosperity) – they provide a second chance for people and a second life for materials, while growing rapidly to increase economic vitality in California’s Inland Empire. Using recycled crumb rubber from discarded truck tires, U.S. Rubber manufactures premium sports flooring, acoustical underlayment, and vegetation control matting.

About half of U.S. Rubber’s workforce consists of formerly incarcerated people; and an increasing number are military veterans. U.S. Rubber believes that no matter what your business does, your narrative is going to transcend the service or product that you offer – and they believe sharing that narrative is important. By sharing their story on LinkedIn, U.S. Rubber increased awareness about their company and secured new business opportunities with Home Depot and other big-box and online retailers, proving the power of connection.

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A worker in a hard hat is shown installing U.S. Rubber's premium sports flooring in a fitness center.