ClearSight™ Vegetation Control

Made with recycled rubber using discarded tires that are diverted from California landfills, ClearSight™ Vegetation Control is the ideal roadside management treatment to prevent vegetation growth under and around guardrails, sign posts and fencing.

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  • Due to its inherent weight staking is not required
  • Specialized equipment is not needed for installation
  • Less expensive and quicker to install than mats
  • Unlike mats, continuous runs will not become unsightly (separation and/or vegetation growth) due to multiple joints
  • Reduces herbicide use and labor costs to maintain median landscaping
  • Unaffected by high winds or heavy rain
  • Not susceptible to Hermosa gofer pilferage
  • Each standard roll contains 2,320 pounds of California recycled rubber
Clearsight vegetation control


California Preferred Purchasing

California “[s]tate agencies are required to purchase and use environmentally preferable products (EPP) that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing goods that serve the same purpose.” (Source: Caltrans Sustainability Roadmap 2018-2019). Caltrans further states “Caltrans is also committed to increasing the procurement of recycled products across all State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) categories. The Caltrans Sustainable Purchasing Program (administered by DPAC) will implement new strategies to increase procurement of EPP products in the top five spend categories over the next two years.” (Emphasis added). Tire derived products (ClearSight™ is a tire derived product) are in Caltrans’ top five spend categories.

Caltrans is researching the practice of requiring Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to collect high-quality, regionally applicable, standardized data for the environmental impacts of manufacturing select construction materials to support better decision-making and create market incentives to reduce the climate impact of construction materials we commonly use.” (Emphasis added).

U.S. Rubber has looked at ClearSight™ Vegetation Control through an environmental microscope conforming to ISO 14025, which reflects our commitment to measuring and reducing the overall product impact. We have registered this EPD with Labeling Sustainability.

To download our third-party verified EPD, please click the button below.

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Sourced and Manufactured in California

The primary raw material for ClearSight™ Vegetation Control, which accounts for nearly 95% of the total product content, is post-consumer California recycled crumb rubber. Please click the button below to download our Declaration of Conformity, which certifies that our quality controls ensure that a consistent amount of recycled content for each production batch of ClearSight™ is achieved. In 2018, U.S. Rubber diverted 6,480,459 pounds of discarded tires from California landfills. The remaining raw materials used to produce ClearSight™ are a binder and a treatment resin. Both are sourced from a single Southern California adhesive manufacturer.

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