Bounce Back!

Bounce Back!® touches the soul of U.S. Rubber and honors the people who have built our culture. It’s who we are and recognizes the relevancy of our mission.

We believe in a new way of thinking about people and resources, one that integrates equity and open-mindedness. We don’t believe that the past equals the future. We accept that there is always a better way and a different lens to see the world through.

We believe that most people should be given a second chance. We understand the importance that employment plays in the rehabilitation of marginalized workers. We believe that many ex-felons can thrive if given an opportunity to work in an environment where they are appreciated, respected and held accountable.

We have demonstrated that it is possible to profitably transform a linear system operating with finite resources into a closed-loop system where a waste stream is converted to a feed stream, giving a second life to such materials. We believe in a journey filled with constant improvement, innovative design and an awareness of the impact that production has on the environment.

A second chance. A second life. Bounce Back!® is the essence of U.S. Rubber.


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