Rubber Flooring Adhesives

quietgrip flooring adhesives


QuietGrip™ is a premium grade, rubber underlayment and resilient flooring adhesive.  QuietGrip™ possesses high moisture resistance, which maximizes bond strength for a wide array of flooring types including rubber underlayment.  It offers the highest caliber tack and peel strength in the rubber adhesive industry.  QuietGrip™ is specially formulated to minimize vinyl plank shrinkage.

quietgrip rubber flooring adhesives

Survivor™ Grip

Survivor™ Grip is a premium grade, one-part, trowel-applied urethane specifically formulated for rubber flooring.  Survivor™ Grip is permanently flexible so it can withstand dynamic joint movement over the life of the rubber flooring.  Its physical properties will remain relatively stable over time.  Its high moisture resistance provides maximum bond strength.  This rubber flooring adhesive spreads easily, cleans up quickly and emits low odor making it simple to install.

Survivor floor adhesives

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