Acoustical Testing

Accurate, independent third party testing is critical to meet the regulatory requirements of green construction codes for all types of buildings. At U.S. Rubber we take the growing concern regarding the effect sound has on human performance and living conditions seriously. Please see the summary matrix below and click on the green button to explore our library of test results conducted by Intertek.

Impact insulation class (IIC) is an integer-number rating of how well a building floor attenuates impact sounds, such as footsteps.  A higher number means more attenuation. One should note, however, that all IIC ratings are not equal.  When comparing the acoustical performance of QuietSound® to other acoustical underlayments, it is critical to note the composition of the products (e.g., rubber (resilient), cork (not resilient) or foam (not resilient)) and the subfloor/flooring assembly of the testing.  Unless the test assemblies are identical, it’s an “apples to oranges” comparison that will yield an inaccurate conclusion.

Acoustical Underlayment Testing

An IIC rating of 50 and above is most common in building code and HOA requirements.

The Delta IIC rating is the best sound rating to consider when comparing the performance of different types of underlayment. It keeps the manufacturers from promoting misleading results obtained by using materials or methods of isolation that the average assembly does not use.  This test is only relevant for concrete subfloors.

Please see the summary matrix below and click on the green button to explore our library of test results conducted by Intertek.

UnderlaymentFlooring TypeDescriptionSTCIICΔIIC
Reports #
2mm QuietSound® Hardwood2mm quick step wood plank flooring515623J6659.02‐303‐11
LVT2.05mm Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank575019J9499.01‐303‐11
3mm QuietSound®LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza6267N/AH4163.04‐303‐11
LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza545623H4163.11‐303‐11
LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza6165N/AH4163.16‐303‐11
LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza515424H4163.23‐303‐11
LVT3.93mm Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank555723J9498.01‐303‐11
Tile7.98mm Daltile Ceramic Tile6362N/AH4163.09‐303‐11
Tile8mm Daltile Ceramic Tile574918H4163.10‐303‐11
Tile7.98mm Daltile Ceramic Tile6362N/AH4163.21‐303‐11
Tile7.98mm Daltile Ceramic Tile544719H4163.22‐303‐11
Tile7.98mm Daltile Ceramic Tile565018H4163.32‐303‐11
Tile7.98mm Daltile Ceramic Tile554617H4163.33‐303‐11
5mm QuietSound®Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6365N/AH4163.08‐303‐11
Hardwood14.4mm UA Floors Parisian Collection Oak Engineered Wood Floor535222I6748.01‐303‐11
Hardwood6.77mm Quick Step Wood Plank Flooring535724J6659.01‐303‐11
LVT8.05mm Armstrong Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl Flooring545321H3852.01‐303‐11
LVT8.05mm Armstrong Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl Flooring545422H3852.02‐303‐11
LVT8.18mm Max Core by Provenza535824H4163.01‐303‐11
LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza6267N/AH4163.05‐303‐11
LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza6066N/AH4163.17‐303‐11
LVT8.2mm Max Core by Provenza505524H4163.25‐303‐11
LVT7.8mm Paradigm Extruded Waterproof Core Luxury5543N/AI5320.01‐303‐11
Tile8mm Daltile Ceramic Tile565119H4163.02‐303‐11
Tile8mm Daltile Ceramic Tile6366N/AH4163.03‐303‐11
Tile8mm Daltile Ceramic Tile554618H4163.14‐303‐11
Tile7.98mm Daltile Ceramic Tile6351N/AH4163.15‐303‐11
9mm QuietSound®Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6049N/AH4163.18‐303‐11
Hardwood12.3mm Affinity Engineered Hardwood by Provenza575219H4163.30‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6053N/AH4163.34‐303‐11
Tile7.73mm Daltile Porcelain Tile5652N/AJ6402.01‐303‐11
10mm QuietSound®Hardwood10.48mm Heriloom Engineered Hardwood by Provenza6365N/AH4163.06‐303‐11
Hardwood15.14mm Studio Moderno Engineered Wood by Provenza555118H4163.12‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6261N/AH4163.19‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza544920H4163.26‐303‐11
Hardwood15.07mm Volterra Engineered Hardwood by Provenza6048N/AH4163.28‐303‐11
Hardwood15.4mm Brentwood White Oak Plank575219J1061.01‐303‐11
Hardwood15.4mm Brentwood White Oak Plank565421J1063.01‐303‐11
Tile7.7mm Daltile Porcelain Tile5450N/AJ6402.02‐303‐11
12mm QuietSound®Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6364N/AH4163.07‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza575219H4163.13‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6262N/AH4163.20‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza554919H4163.27‐303‐11
Hardwood15.3mm Old World by Provenza6050N/AH4163.29‐303‐11

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