For the product categories of sports flooring, acoustical underlayment, and vegetation control matting, adhesive  U.S. Rubber is California’s largest user of recycled crumb rubber.  In 2021, we diverted 14,535,792 pounds of discarded tires away from local landfills.  This former waste stream was converted into a feedstream, which created a second life for such materials, reducing the need for virgin materials to produce our products.

Embedding the sustainable practice of waste diversion into our business model is only half the story.  U.S. Rubber also generates tremendous triple bottom line value for its stakeholders by making a conscious effort to hire, train and promote ex-felons.  In 2022, 66% of the factory workforce consisted of ex-felons who are now living a productive, crime-free life.  We believe that everyone in life deserves a second chance.  It’s been our experience that those who are given such an opportunity, far more times than not, produce extraordinary results in the right environment.

Quietsound Flooring Underlayment
gym rubber flooring tiles

Established in 1996, U.S. Rubber manufactures premium sports flooring, acoustical underlayment and vegetation control matting. Survivor® SportFloor is the worldwide competitive flooring choice for chain clubs, private clubs, professional sports teams, colleges, and the U.S. military. QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment provides optimal sound abatement for foot traffic and other interior noises that typically occur in commercial and residential, multi-story buildings. ClearSight® Vegetation Control is the ideal roadside management treatment to prevent vegetation growth under and around guardrails, signposts, and fencing.

The primary raw material for Survivor® SportFloor and ClearSight® Vegetation Control is post-consumer recycled crumb rubber, which is a derivative of discarded tires from California landfills. QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment’s primary raw material is post-industrial recycled trim from U.S. Rubber Recycling’s manufacturing stream in Colton, CA.

Since January 2015, U.S. Rubber has qualified for, and received grants from, the Tire Incentive Program that is administered by CalRecycle (the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery). We’re proud to play a role in the program’s goal to increase demand for crumb rubber and promote higher value products through better innovation. During the most recently closed grant cycles, TIP8 and TIP9, U.S. Rubber received funding for diverting 416,667 tires under TIP8 and 416,667 tires under TIP9, for a total of 833,334 tires.


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