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Case Study: YMCA

Glendora Heights, CA

The Challenge

This YMCA facility hadn’t been upgraded in many years and membership was waning. Aside from a fresh coat of paint, new machines in the cardio area and a new, state-of-the-art free weight area, manager Jose Reyes knew that the old carpet needed replacement.

U.S. Rubber’s Solution

After assessing the facility, U.S. Rubber recommended SurvivorTM SportFloor-Roll as the best choice for durability and easy upkeep.

“We knew that U.S. Rubber was the vendor of record for many of the nation’s largest chains, so we got a quote on their SurvivorTM SportFloor–Roll.  The 20% red colored material had all the qualities we wanted, such as durability, longevity, stylish appearance and ease of maintenance. The installers did a superb job of putting the floor down, and it looked great.  I would strongly recommend Survivor to anyone who has a fitness facility.” Jose Reyes, YMCA director