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Case Study: Mountain Side Fitness

Tempe, AZ

The Challenge

As the builder of multiple 40,000 square foot health clubs, Mountain Side is very price sensitive. In the past, they dealt with middlemen who seemed to provide overpriced product that frequently showed up late, leading to costly delays.

U.S. Rubber’s Solution

Mountain Side believes that dealing directly with the manufacturer, U.S. Rubber Recycling, helps them get the price and service they require.  Our staff is proud to give the best service and attention to detail in the flooring business. 

“I saved money on a construction project and was able to focus more of the company’s attention on the rest of the project, as we knew the rubber flooring would show up when promised. I also have a lot of confidence because the U.S. Rubber product is of such high quality.” Billy Malkovitch, Sr. VP, Sales