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Case Study: Gold's Gym

Caracas, Venezuela

The Challenge

Owner Hervea Guillen wanted to make a big splash when he opened his fitness club. After a careful study of the market, he decided to invest in the Gold’s Gym brand, based on its global reputation and recognition.  This would be the largest facility in Caracas, weighing in at almost 15,000 square feet. He wanted his floor to be dynamic and project an image that fit with his ensemble of weights, cardio deck and standardized machinery.

U.S. Rubber’s Solution

Gold’s Gym corporate office urged Mr. Guillen to contact U.S. Rubber, Gold’s official flooring vendor of record. Plans were shipped to U.S. Rubber Recycling’s engineering department. A vibrant two-color chip combination was selected to fit with the equipment’s upholstery.

“We are very pleased with our decision to use SurvivorTM SportFloor. The process was handled in a thoroughly professional manner that made my job a lot less difficult.” Hervea Guillen, Owner