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Case Study: Big Fresno Fair

Fresno, CA

The Challenge

The old concrete floor in the fairground’s building had been painted over many times. Over time, large chunks had been lost, making the floor both an eye sore and a hazard.

U.S. Rubber’s Solution

The U.S. Rubber team focused not just on the installation, but on exactly what it would take the make the job turn out right. By leveling the floor before installing the SurvivorTM SportFloor–Roll (in black with blue flecks), they ensured a soft, even finish. The extra effort wasn’t lost on the exhibitors, who have to stand on the floor for 10-12 hours a day for 12 days!

“When the job was finished, I walked into the building and it looked like a real exhibit hall, not just some old fairgrounds building. Wow, what a difference – it’s beautiful! It’s amazing that a floor made from recycled tires could look so cool and be so functional.” Stacy Rianda, Deputy Manager