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Weed Abatement Roll Matting System (WARMS)

Materials   Recycled tire rubber, polymerically bound
Weight   26lbs. + SY (thickness  ½” +)
Content   100% SBR Recycled Black California Derived Tire Rubber
Sides   Seamless roll-on (50ft. linear)
Size   4' x 50' x .5” or 4’ x 4’ x .5”
Mats   May be cut to any 4’ length (4’x4’, 4’x 6.25’, etc.)
Installation   Rolled onto site, or overlapping mats
Maintenance   None
Warranty   10 years materials & workmanship (pro-rated basis)
Density   ASTM D3676 68.3 lbs./cubic foot
Hardness   ASTM D2240 Shore A65 ±5
Slip Resistance   ASTM D C1028 Friction Coefficient .084-.090
Abrasion   ASTM D4060 2,000 cycles taber abraser 1kg.; .329-.35g loss


  ASTM D2859 Pill Test, excellent value of 3.6 (passes Class II fire requirement)
Acoustics   Rates Superior
Chemicals   Resistant to most acids and chlorine
VOCs   No measurable units


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